All American Technology
is a Service Disabled Veteran Owned Small Business providing quality products and service to  residential, industrial, commercial and government clients. Our Services consist of:


Residential/Commercial Alarms:



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Access Control:


access controlsh 
Access control systems use electronically operated Locking devices instead of the traditional lock and key. The control system only allows entry to authorized users who are identified with the use of fobs, tokens, finger prints, keypads and smart cards.............

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CCTV- Security Serveillance:



Digital Video Recording, Net-work Security Cameras, Wire-less Voice Cameras, Infrared Security Cameras, Security Cameras for security purposes or to improve management operations.

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PA Systems:



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Voice Interactive Emergency Call Boxes - Call for help at the touch of a button:


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 Tall Pedestals * Short Pedestals *  Wall Mounts

Great for:

Hospitals, Colleges, Apartment Complexes, Parks, Parking Lots, and High Crime Areas to name a few.

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Automated Pay Systems - Secure, unattended revenue collection for your:  



Parking Fees
Entrance Fees
Boat Launch
Transit System
Special Event Locations
Anyplace you need an automated pay system

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Security System Pre-Wires:


pre wiringf

Pre-Wiring your home or business for security will enable you to have more covereage for less money than if you were to install the same exact system once it is built.

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Our company was built around a core philosophy of "Integrity, Honor and Ethics" and we continue to support America by providing high quality services to our government and private sector clients to help keep them safe. We focus our services into four distinct professional areas of competencies, and we provide our customers with comforet levels, professionalism, and project/task satisfaction that far exceed what has become today's norm in business.

All American Technology offers the consumer extensive experience in security solutions for residential, government and commercial security design, sals and installation. Our security solutions are reliable, efficient and simple to use. We deliver high quality systems with exceptional customer service and affordable prices. We carry security products from top rated manufacturers to suit all types of surveillance purposes.

All American Technology provides the most current and advanced technology to our customers, ensuring peace-of-mind.
In these times, security systems are not a luxury, but a necessity. We have provided security systems to government agencies, educational facilities, hospitals, small businesses, residencs and corporate accounts.

Call us today to let All American Technology assist you in selecting and designing a security solution system that is tailored precisely for your needs.

For further information, please call 903-363-4130 to speak to our security specialist or you can fill out our Online Quote form.



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