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The venSTATION is a digital automated pay station designed to perform anywhere that you may need to collect tolls, fees, rentals or payments. From remote locations in parks and recreational areas to transit stations to street-side bus tops, the venSTATION can be used virtually anywhere and offers three different power configurations: battery only, A/C with battery backup and solar power with battery backup. The model offers six types of payment configurations, including Flat Rate, Quick-Pick, Pay by Display, Pay-By-Space, Variable and Multi-Rate and Coupon and Remote Validation. Customers can pay with cash, coins or credit cards, and the system also allows for the use of loyalty cards, smart cards and university campus cards.

venstation model400


Economical and highly durable, the Model 400 is the ideal solution for many surface parking lots that accommodate 35 to 350 cars. The model offers four types of rate configurations: Flat Rate, Quick-Pick, Pay & Display and Pay-by-Space, so that you can customize it to suit any fee schedule. The model can be supplied with AC power or solar power and is backed up by a battery for reliability, or it can be operated solely on the battery. Payment options for your customers include coins, bills and credit cards, and by accepting all three, you can attract those customers who do not carry cash


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